What it is and

Why you need it in your life

CHURRASCO or CHURRAS means BARBECUE in Portuguese.

It is embedded in Brazilian culture and lifestyle. We have churrascos often more than once a week to gather with the family, to watch sports with friends or to take a well-deserved break with colleagues. It is all about people coming together around the barbecue grill to have a good time.


Meat lover? Our catering is a must for your next event!

Brazilian barbecues are delicious and friendly. It fits with many occasions and provides a great scenario for a memorable event.

Churras BBQ is ready to meet you wherever you are and barbecue for events of all kinds and sizes :

We guarantee you a smoky taste, premium quality meat from Quebec and friendly and top service!

Brazilian BBQ


 We are proud to offer a wide range of options to customize your menu!

We serve local meat from Quebec in special cuts like in Brazil.

Depending on the type of event, we can use different roasting techniques such as long or mini skewers over charcoal, Parrila grill or slow roasting over an open fire.

Beyond our vast variety of meats and cuts, we have vegetarian and vegan options on the grill or on the side that suits all tastes.

We always prioritize local meat and organic products, always carefully chosen by our Chef Felipe. And did we mention the Brazilian deserts?

We have everything to make your BBQ a true event!

Brazilian BBQ

Corporta event

Few points that set
a Brazilian BBQ apart:

The Beef Cuts
Brazil has twice as many beef cuts as Canada. We prepare each one of them according to their particularities to bring out the best taste.

Charcoal, Fire, and Salt –
Everything is about creating a smoky flavor and honoring the real taste of quality meat. We simply use rock sea salt as a seasoning and we do the roasting over a lump charcoal fire.

More than a meal, AN EVENT!
Fun is made to be stretched. During BBQ in Brazil, people don’t sit around a table to eat at the same time. Instead, the BBQ is firing all day long and the meat is being served and shared little by a little, while everyone chat and enjoy their time.

Let’s BBQ!

Make your regular barbecue become a Brazilian BBQ!

Churras gives a special touch to any celebration whether it is a family event at home, a friend’s gathering in the cottage or if you’ve reached a milestone in a growing business.

In addition to roasting delicious food, it’s also part of our goal to deliver exceptional customer service, always smiling like in Brazil.

Make a reservation and we make it happen,
We are ready for your event!