Private Events


Churras at home

Whether it is in your backyard or at your cottage, we can help you customize the Brazilian barbecue that will fit your event.

For Private Events, we usually grill the meat in the most traditional southeastern Brazilian way: large cuts of meat on long skewers. 

Private Events

Minimum number of people:

  • Montreal island: 10 people
  • More than 50 km from Montreal island: 20 people

The available menus for this type of event are:

  • Churrasco packages
  • Additional premium options
  • The ultimate BBQ

You can choose the type of service:

  • Station self-service (guests drop by our churrasco station to help themselves throughout the event)
  • Cocktail service (we can pass by with bite trays)
  • Rodízio style (table service)

The total price depends on the following elements:

  • The number of guests
  • The number of staff required according to your needs
  • The chosen menu
  • The distance from Montreal (transportation fees can apply for events further than 50 km from Montreal)

What we provide:

  • The Brazilian barbecues (trust us, they are easier to transport than American barbecues)
  • All tools and material to roast and cut the food
  • All the material needed for cocktail service (dishes, utensils, napkins…), if you choose this type of service


  • Dishes and utensils for table service, if you choose this type of service.

*Please let us know if any of your guests has allergies.

For any questions, special needs and booking, we invite you to contact us!