Special Occasions


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Special Occasions are for groups of over 30 people. *For events of less than 30 people, please refer to the “Private Event” section. 

All the menus are available for this type of event: 

  • Churrasco packages
  • Additional premium options
  • The ultimate BBQ
  •  Skewers

You can choose the type of service:

  • Station self-service (guests can drop by our churrasco station to help themselves throughout the event)
  • Cocktail service (we can pass by with bite trays)

The total price depends on the following elements : 

–        The number of guests

–        The number of staff required according to your needs

–        The chosen menu 

–        The distance from Montreal (transportation fees can apply for events further than 50 km from Montreal)

What we provide : 

–       The Brazilian barbecues (trust us, they are easier to transport than American barbecues)

–       All tools and material to roast and cut the food 

–       All the material needed for cocktail service (dishes, utensils, napkins…), if you choose this type of service

*Please let us know if any of your guests has allergies. 

For any questions, special needs and to book, we invite you to contact us!